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Property Management

If you clicked on this site then you are looking for a team that:

  • Will be part of your real estate success story
  • Be trustworthy
  • Offers immediate access to your financial information & your money
  • Has thorough processes to help ensure that your property gets RENTED!
  • Can demonstrate a successful history of managing properties.

Call Doug Mertes @ (402) 312-8953 for a FREE consultation about how your property would perform under our management.

One of the biggest hang-ups about investing in real estate is finding a trust worthy company with whom you partner to manage your investment. But it's not just management, it is the business of managing your real estate portfolio, therefore it is imperative that you have someone working for you that understands real estate and financial health. Owning real estate is likely a large percentage of your financial strategy to growing net worth. We understand that real estate is simply a tangible asset that can be, if managed correctly, an enormous wealth generator. You MUST be able to trust the people you choose to do business with and, different from anyone else, we go that extra step in ensuring complete financial and operational visibility.

We NEVER want you to be surprised. We are the only company in the market that allows you direct access to our operational and accounting software online. You can log into the software and see exactly what is going on with your property in REAL-TIME. What you see online is EXACTLY what we see. You will, of course, be limited to only being able to see, not change, the information, but in doing so we offer you COMPLETE VISIBILITY, both financial and operational.

If at anytime you feel you need to step in and direct us you will be more than invited to do so. It is your financial security we are interested in and we are here to manage your property as you see fit. Because your real estate portfolio probably is not your main source of income, it will be our responsibility to manage your properties as if it were you managing them yourself. Your time will be spent on your profession, family and whatnot. The different packages below are designed to work with what you are most comfortable with. If there are certain things you would like to add or take from the various dimentions of property management we can create a special service and price it accordingly.

Components of Property Management:
  • Rent Collection
  • Financial reporting
  • Operations reporting/statistics
  • Leasing services
  • Market rent analysis
  • Advertising/marketing
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Bill payment
  • Emergency maintenance management
  • Preventative maintenance management
  • Vacation services

Choose almost any combination of these components that you would like to no longer handle and we will put together a proposal for you. Imagine yourself doing the things that make you money instead of the busy work associated with the details of managing a property. Our hope is that it will better allow you to increase your income and enhance your quality of life.